Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elite Red Carpet Event Photography and Photographers with Live Upload Social Sharing Station Kiosk Portal

Red Carpet Event Photographer with that Hollywood Paparazzi Style Photos 

Let's rethink how we shoot the red carpet at events....

1st thing lets clear the air, everything will be shot wirelessly 

  1. Guest's enters the red carpet and stand in front of the step and repeat wall; pose, smile, snap and keep walking!
  2. Guest's walk past the monitor wall (step and repeat setup) of a live slideshow of images displayed that were just taken
  3. Guest's walks further to one of our IPAD sharing station to view their photo, share, post, print or email their photo instantly, immediately or anytime throughout the event

event photography with instant photos & social media portal

We snap the photos at the red carpet and it's wirelessly transmitted to our social media station kiosk so your guest can view their photo right away and choose to print, Facebook, twitter, MSM text message their photo instant live at your event. We also have a live stream slide show playing of the images as we snap!

Event Photographer of the future!


Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville
Green Screen Photography Photo Booth with onsite printing instant!

Live Upload

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Social Media Portal Kiosk for Event Photography & Green Screen Photography

Social Media Portal for your next photo event activation

We are an event photography company that offers onsite printing, roaming photography, social media kiosk for onsite social sharing and green screen photography. You've seen it we do it. With our branded social media portal your guest could post their photos to Facebook, twitter or email their photo while at your event. Incentive and meetings, we snap all day and then let your guest view, print, share their photos from one of our wireless kiosk. Let us bring Walt Disney World Photo Pass Technology to your event. Snap, wirelessly transmit, anytime your guest may wirelessly post from one of our social media portal kiosk.
Social Media Sharing Station or Kiosk so your guest may share their photos from your event.
Collect Data or Surveys and measure ROI with tracking posts.

Branded IPAD Screens



Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Orlando, Tampa, Miami Bat Mitzvah Green Screen photography Bat Mitzvah Photographer

Orlando, Tampa, Miami Bar / Bat Mitzvah Green Screen photography
Add Green Screen Photography or Event Photography with instant Print onsite Photos at your next Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Green Screen Photography offers more free options than any other photography company.  We also IPAD Kiosk for Social Sharing and Facebook uploads. Our Green Screen Booths is the best quality you will find.  

  • Free Unlimited Instant Print Onsite Photos
  • Free Plastic Covers for Photos
  • Free Web Hosting of all Photos & CD of all photos
  • Free Social Sharing of all Photos live at the Event (Facebook, Twitter, Email Uploads)
  • Free Hour Step and Repeat Photographer Shooting Candid’s Before Event

Print onsite Photography with on location prints and social media sharing live at your event in Orlando Green Screen Photography, Tampa Green Screen Photography and Miami Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Event Photography Party booth!

Green Screen photography has One Low Flat Rate that Covers Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Lakeland, St Petersburg, Naples, Ft Myers, West Palm Beach, Ocala, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Panama City, St Augustine, Key West and all of Florida

Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville
Green Screen Photography Photo Booth with onsite printing instant!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Social Media Photographer & Event Photography Ipad Kiosk Instant live Photo Upload Facebook

Need instant social media photo uploads, Facebook or Twitter sharing at events, get more Facebook likes to your Facebook page, then check out green screen photography and event photographers. We offer instant sharing through digital photography at events. We can create an event buzz, event marketing and great branding. We are a nationwide company that provide event services for multi-city tours.
With instant and wireless technology with the use of iPads we allow user to upload branded photos with their own caption in real time at your event.

New York, Los Angles, Detroit, Atlanta, St Louis, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Chicago, Miami